Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Goals and Alcoholism

The past few days have not gone well. Since Saturday night, I have drank two entire bottles of liquor almost completely on my own, and 22 cans of beer. I skipped school Monday and Tuesday because I was either too drunk or too hungover to go anywhere. Nothing about this is okay. I did nothing of importance, I didn't even really have any fun.
Ashley suggested I write down my goals somewhere so that I can remember them all. After spending 4 days forgetting about them, I think it's time to go over them again. In no particular order, here are the goals I have set to achieve by the end of next year:

-Have my associates degree.
-Have a stable job in the computer industry.
-Have at least $1000 put into savings.
-Lose weight/work out more.
-DJ the main stage of a rave.
-Release my first album.
-Organize a downtempo tent/chillout room for a party/rave.
-Propose to Ashley.

There are more that I can't recall right now, so I'll have to edit this list. But the important thing right now to remember is that I will not, cannot achieve these goals without a sober mind. Every time I drink, I am a disappointment to everyone who has believed in me. I can't let everyone down, and I can't allow alcohol to ruin my future the way it's ruined the past few years.
I CAN achieve my goals. EVERYTHING I want will come to me. I just need to be willing, accepting, and grateful, and I can achieve anything I decide to pursue. Nothing can stop me, except myself. I must remember.

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