Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dream Logs

Does anybody keep a dream log? I've just recently started. I promised a girl I would start, but I don't know why she would want me to. I don't see that it has much benefit. I've never believed that dreams mean anything. I see them as just random collections of images and ideas your subconscious mind pulls together in a nonsense way, and it doesn't actually mean anything. I only have a few entries so far. She will text or call me in the middle of the night to interrupt my dream since you retain it better that way, and I'll write about whatever it was I was dreaming about. I write it in greentext format (with a green pen, naturally) because it's easier to spit out ideas that way, rather than trying to form complete sentences and ideas when I'm barely conscious.

Now some music. Some dope dubstep from Camo, pretty sick.

Also since I'm writing about the girl, Beauty School by Deftones. We kissed for the first time listening to this.