Saturday, August 27, 2011


Looks like I haven't posted since I got my promotion. I've been a supervisor for about two months now and it is not the most enjoyable experience ever. In fact there are some days that the only way I make it through is by remember that this is temporary, I'm not going to do this forever and next year my life is going to be completely different. I've found that working in middle management is difficult because, as a friend of mine put it who was also a supervisor for this company at one time, 'The shit rolls both uphill and downhill.' It was a very succinct way to put it; on the one hand, my employees are constantly looking for opportunity's to demonize me for not giving them all the things their little hearts feel entitled to, and on the other hand upper management has trouble sympathizing with my reasons for not cracking the whip to churn out faster, better results. More and more I realize how difficult it is to perform this balancing act day in and day out; keeping morale on my work force high so my employees don't hate their job, and meeting the increasing expectations and deadlines of my superiors, in addition to being able to go home each day feeling good about what I do and who I am.

I'll leave off with some music: I haven't heard anything out of Teebee for a while, so I was stoked to come across this.